Golf Car Rentals

Rentals are available on golf cars that seat 2, 4, 6 or 8 passengers. Call for pricing on:

Weekend rentals
48-hour mid-week rentals
24-hour rentals
Adding a day
4-passenger golf car rentals into O’Connell’s RV Campground or Mendota Hills Campground are subject to their posted rates and are only available after they are sold out.

Rental Rules

Reservations accepted for weekend and weekly rentals. Make your reservations early for special event weekends!

Security deposit of $100 is required. Cash, check, Visa or MC accepted.

Only individuals of 21 years of age or older with a valid drivers license may rent a golf car. A valid driver’s license is required to operate.Renter shall allow MSK Enterprises, LLC to make a photocopy of the drivers licenses of the person(s) renting and other authorized drivers of the golf car.

Only drivers listed on the rental agreement may operate the golf car. You will lose the car and your security deposit of $100 if this provision is violated. There is no second chance!

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